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Cheese or Font!!

Another mad cheese game, this time thanks to CulinaryAnthropologist’s fans.

Evening of Cheese at Borough Market

An evening of cheese at the Borough market. 15 Dec. 2010, wednesday, between 4 and 8PM. Save the date ladies and gentlemen, this one sounds more like a festival for both the eyes, and the tastebuds!

See you there!

On Affinage and Cheese Tasting

An interesting entry from the other side of the Atlantic…

The Best Cheese Game Ever!

Which part of France do these delicious cheeses come from, take the quiz to put your expertise to the test!

Beware, it’s highly addictive!

Didn’t Expect to See This!

Club De Fromage

Outside a performance venue!

Crottin De Chavignol after dinner, with a Riedel full of Spanish Red

I never knew how wonderful a semi-mature crottin de chavignol could be. A goat’s cheese in the shape of a pressed sphere that fits into the palm of a woman’s hand, covered with the infamous geotrichum mould that give it the very slight farmyardy taste that geotrichum is known for, this small but mighty cheese has everything one needs after dinner. It has got both the white, dense, chalky interior without too much salt, just the way it should be, with the geotrichum providing the magic of a rind and edges that are softer, saltier and melting in the mouth. I’ve paired it with a tumbler full of Petalos 2007, Descendientes de J. Palacios from Bierzo DO, a full bodied beautiful red with the aromas and colours of plums and blackberries, 14% alcohol, satisfying tannins and just the right amount of acidity. Not too shabby to drink with one of the oldest and well known cheeses of the Loire Valley, though the crottin really starts looking like horse dung as it matures. (It’s not me saying it, it’s Patrick Rance, and the slightly ancient folk who’ve named it crottin!)

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Jack and Gouda

Jack and Gouda! Courtesy of a cheese fan!

How to Handle a Sommelier

Pretty interesting “wine” blog post from Lulu Grimes, the Food Director at BBC Worldwide, titled “How to Handle a Sommelier, or Not.”



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